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BMI Alumni Association, P.O. Box 91, Bordentown, New Jersey 08505


Tersina DiPietro, Editor


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      February 2002

Attention all former BMI cadets!

            We have a "mission," code name BROTHERS REUNITED 2002.Our objectives are threefold.

            First, you are hereby directed to mark your calendar immediately (and if you need to, tie a string around your finger) for our next great reunion scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2002, at the Bordentown Elks.We want "all hands on deck" for this one.Let's make Reunion 2002 the biggest and best bash ever.

            Second, this is a wake-up call for your 2002 membership dues.When you are finished enjoying this issue of THE SKIRMISHER, please complete the enclosed dues statement, write a $10.00 check made payable to BMI Alumni Association and mail it today.If you have already paid dues for 2002, thank you.

            Third, thanks to the ingenuity of many of you in locating other former cadets, our membership continues to grow.But there are many more former cadets out there who are not aware of the existence of our Association.We need to continue our efforts in locating them and bringing them back into the ranks of our MIGHTY BAND OF BROTHERS.So keep on looking.

            With your help, our Alumni Association will remain strong and continue in the service of our members and in the memory of BMI.I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on October 19th.



Semper Fidelis,

Angelo V. Candelori

Angelo V. Candelori '56




'37   Larry Capitini and his family continue the task of beautifying the Statue Site.Larry has been on the sick list recently but we are pleased to report that he is recuperating under the watchful eye of his devoted wife, Inez.

            Col. (Ret.) Bill Neubauerwas found by Herb Newton '35 when Herb was looking through the Rutgers University Directory.Bill lives in Melbourne, FL.He was Herb's classmate at Rutgers.

'42   George B. Bishop is a representative with Newton Manufacturing Company, a business promotion organization in Waterford, CT.

'45 "Keep up the good work," says J. Paul Levine."See you at the next Reunion."

            In a letter from Richard Stanek we learned that he visited Bordentown during 2001 and was happy to see the commemorative BMI monument.He writes, "The four years I spent there were an important part of my life.Think of those days often, and am grateful for the education they provided."

'46 We received an e-mail from David Emerson in which he informs us that he was the third generation to attend BMI:his great uncle, Edgar Maxwell '98, was killed in WWII; his father, Col. Maxwell Emerson '21, is also deceased.

'47 Bernard Featherman was listed in the 1997 Edition of Marquis' Who's Who in America.He has been active in numerous organizations including the National Foundation of the March of Dimes; Philadelphia Association for Retarded Citizens; Mayor's Advisory Committee on Mental Health-Mental Retardation (Philadelphia); White House Conference on Small Business.He is the inventor of the electronics-locking locker.Space does not permit listing all of Bernard's accomplishments but we can tell you that he is an alumnus of whom we can be proud.

Don Hill lives in Prague in the Czech Republic where he works for Radio Free Europe.

            Tom Lozowski found our web site.He wants to know what is happening "with everybody and anybody."

'48  From Bob Sandler we learned that Col. George Patrick, USA (Ret.) "who was until recently located at The Pentagon is safe and sound after the September 11th bombing.George is now with the Environmental Protection Agency and is looking forward to the 2002 Reunion."

'49 Robert Rogerscorresponded with Walt Godwin '44.Bob says he is semi-retired and usually has some spare time but "recently some old cases of long standing became active and require attention.And I must admit that I don't work as fast as I used to."

Jack McKnightran into Al Zarroli '61 at a retirement dinner.Jack resides in Somers Point, NJ.

'50   A letter from Ray Apy contained both reminiscences and reunion notes.Ray learned about the Alumni Association from Howard Sherman '50 and attended Reunion 2000.Ray says, "It was terrific to reconnect with …fellows I knew during the BMI years and recalling the fun times along with the serious moments."Ray remembers the motto over the gym doors:"He who misses or who wins a prize, go lose, or conquer if you can, but if you fail or if you rise, be each, pray God, a gentleman."Does that get taught anymore?…Ray wonders.He plans to attend Reunion 2002.

Harry "Bud" Howe enjoyed the mini-reunion in Florida.He writes, "The best part was Bob Sandler '48 having his BMI cap on and then showing us the front of his car with the BMI license plate.Just goes to show how deeply BMI is imprinted in some of us.What a shame that the school no longer exists to turn out some great folks." (See "Mini-Reunions")


'51 Bob Landau says he has lost contact with all of his classmates.That could be because we lost contact with Bob.Another "found" alumnus through the efforts of Walt Godwin '44.

'52 Michael J. Kudla lives in Duncombe, IA.

'53   We received a note from Jack Adams along with his dues.Jack said he enjoyed reading in THE SKIRMISHER about Nick Krawciw '54.

            Greg Bova is presently living in Aventura, FL, formerly North Miami Beach.He works part-time at the new Diplomat Country Club and Spa in Hallandale.Greg says he comes to New Jersey every August.He would like to hear from Anthony Vita, Tom Karwacki, Buddy Russell and others who played during the '51 to '53 era.Greg says, "Great to read the newsletter and see all the old and friendly names."Signed…Gregory (the great) Bova.

            Carlton Chapman sent an e-mail asking for information on Reunion 2002.He heard about it from Richard Cleary '54.

'57 Bill Brickvisited Myron Levenson on November 12th, 2001.Myron passed away on November 20th.Bill said he spent about 30 minutes with him and there was much discussion about recollections of BMI…faculty, cadets, "and, yes, the 'Beldon Bombers.'"

Lou Pietoso writes, "…I played football with Jay Luisi, Dick DeMasi, Chris Short, BobDallas and a host of other great guys on the second consecutive undefeated football team (after Lee Elia and Floyd Little).We came into BMI in the shadow of that great '56 team and had to fight hard to gain our own respect from the entire corps."Lou also said that he recently went through Bordentown with his family and stopped for lunch."It was a heartwarming occasion," says Lou, "especially when we stopped by 'Old Main' and saw the Memorial at the entrance.A great legacy for our School!Also drove by Adams House and just had a real nice time reminiscing."

'59 Bob Gardell wrote to say that he would "love to attend any reunion that may come up."Bob resides in Manasquan, NJ, in the summer and spends the winters at his condo in Vero Beach, FL.

            We found Stan Miron who resides in North Miami, FL. 

'60 John Richards wrote that he had an opportunity to drive through Bordentown after many years and saw that a BMI Alumni Association had been formed.John lives in McMurray, PA.

            Peter Rudolph lives in Encino, CA.He is interested in hearing from alumni on the West Coast.

'61   Steve Kupsov attended Rider College with a B.S. degree in Business Administration.He enlisted in the Air Force for OCS but was discharged three months later on a medical discharge, after which he taught in Philadelphia (high school level) for thirty-one years.He went on to receive a Master's in Educational Administration from Villanova.Currently he is a baseball umpire in the Philadelphia Public League.He has been married for 35+ years and has two children.

'62 David Clineis now retired after 28 years with the Prince William County Police Department in Manassas, VA.He is currently working three days a week with the same Police Department as a consultant.He and his wife will soon move to a new residence at Brunswick Plantation in Myrtle Beach, NC."Would love to hear from classmates," says David.(See 'FESS UP)

Andrew Ohlson retired a few years ago as a Packaging Engineer/Industrial Technology Instructor and now lives in Dunnellon, FL.

            Ken Porter wrote that he is a Branch Manager for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.He resides in Cocoa Beach, FL.

'63 Mike Aronson writes, "I go back to Bordentown from time to time and reminisce – sort of like Dean Jagger in '12 O'clock High'!I spent six years at BMI and commanded D Company in 1963.It was a terrific experience and I often recall sayings or situations.I did several net searches on BMI, etc., and only found that Frank Mahony (the designer of the Spirit of St. Louis) and David Dukes were alumni – makes great trivia but not what I had in mind."

            We received a letter from Tom Ashley stating, "It was a great surprise to come across the BMI web page and view some of the memorabilia posted.I would welcome the opportunity to become active in some of the future events as alumni gather."

            Michael Joyce was talking with his wife about the influence of the jeep during WWII.He remembered that while at BMI, he learned that the jeep was invented by a former BMI student.He thinks he heard it from Mr. Borst.(Ed. Note:We cannot verify this information.)This discussion led Mike to look up BMI and found our site. Michael writes, "I was talking to a client in Colombia once and I mentioned I went to school with a kid from there named Miguel Uribe.The guy was flabbergasted. He said Miguel was the closest confidant of the President of Colombia at the time and a real power behind the throne."

            Mark Golby hopes to come to Reunion 2002.He presently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Lawrence McCarter, SMSgt, USAFR (Ret.) sent a note with his dues stating, "I have very much enjoyed this link with my old Cadet days at Bordentown Military Institute."

Steve McNamara wrote, “I’m glad to see the Alumni Association is a functioning body again.I think that given the current mood of the country, a military school would do very well now.Oh well!30 years too late."Steve has lived in Montana and Utah and is now back in Pennsylvania.He is going to try to be here for Reunion 2002.In the meantime, he would like to communicate with Jack "inch" Thorn '63 or Floyd Little '63.Steve saw Nick Giordano '62 in Trenton. Steve also said that he had to patronize the mortuary of John Vann Beck '62 when his (Steve's) father died in 1985.Steve currently works for the "feds" at Fort Meade, MD, and serves as an Army Reserve Major.

'64 Bob Ryan visited the BMI web site recently and was surprised to learn of the time capsule.Bob says, "It is nice to know that a little piece of BMI remains with the statue."Bob is a Senior Litigation Claims Examiner for a casualty insurance company in Philadelphia.He travels to various parts of the country and hopes someday to meet up with a former BMI "buddy."He plans to attend Reunion 2002 on October 19th.

       Bob Stewartfound us on the web and wrote, "Great job!I live in Alexandria, VA, and am very interested in more info on BMI."

'65 We found Spencer Peterson.He wasn't very far away in Bridgeton, NJ.

We also found Randall Rogers who was listed as "missing" in a previous issue of our newsletter. Randy lives in Gahanna, OH.

Steve Seto lives in St. Louis and is the father of two young children, ages 9 and 6.Steve works at Boeing Aircraft (formerly McDonnell-Douglas) where he is a senior technical engineer/engineering manager.

'68 For a while, we "lost" Jay Sylvester although he had attended reunions in the past. But now he has been "found" and said he plans to be at the next reunion.From Craig Pennypacker we learned that Jay works for a private company that oversees all the correctional institutions in Pennsylvania.He is the senior coordinator for drug and alcohol treatment for inmates.Craig says, "Jay is very respected and admired in his position."

            Craig Pennypacker goes on to give details about his own personal life. His wife, Sara, is a children's book author.She has a series that is about to be published by Scholastic. They are stories for 2nd and 3rd graders.(Craig says that he should enjoy them then.)Craig is a sales manager for a Massachusetts-based welded wire mesh company.Craig goes on to say that he is going through a "mid-life crisis" as he just bought a 2001 Silver Mustang Cobra Convertible.He can barely fit in the seat."Some say I look dashing in it with my silver hair," says Craig."My wife thinks I'm a moron."


'69 We received a note from Reggie Isaac who said he "loved the school."He remembers playing football with Joe Curcio.Reggie hopes to attend Reunion 2002.

The Greater Mercer County Chamber of Commerce has named Douglas Palmer, Mayor of Trenton, NJ, its 2001 Citizen of the Year.Doug has been Trenton's Mayor since 1990.He has also won awards from Hampton University (where he received his B.S. degree), St. Francis Medical Center, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Legal Services of NJ, Worldworks Foundation of NJ, and an Israeli Peace Medal for his efforts to improve relations between blacks and Jews.

Greg Treihartnow lives in Riverside, CA.He plans to attend Reunion 2002.

David VanHook wrote he attended BMI for only his sophomore and junior years but still considers it "where I attended high school.I would be happy to attend any reunions."David said he has stopped by the old BMI campus several times over the years and often wondered if there was an active group of former cadets “running around loose.”David goes on to say, “I attended several schools during the '60s but when I found the names of BMI classmates registered on, I could picture each and every face and my thoughts returned to BMI and the times that I attended.I have also been in contact with my roommates, Mike Hurka and Frank VanDerRee, from that period.”

'70 Peter Hallock is President of Allan M. Schneider Associates, Inc., Realtors, in Bridgehampton, NY.Peter said he last saw his classmates in 1975 when they held a mini-reunion at someone's home and was not aware that BMI was holding biennial reunions.

                                                                                                                                                                            John Schachat stumbled on the classmates web site and found us.John said that he "used to make a pilgrimage down there (BMI) even after the school moved until they finally tore down the Main Building."In a note to Walt Godwin, John said, "It would be kinda fun to go back and see good ol' Bordentown.Haven't had a good hoagie in ages! So many memories…so many good times."

'71 Kim Raymond Kowalczyk writes he was surprised when he found our web site and will pass along that "BMI is again alive and well. "Kim lives near Bordentown and drives by the site from time to time.

We found Ernest Wells.He currently lives in Bellevue, WA

In a note from Glenn Willis, Ed.D., we learned that he is living in Riverside, California.Glenn writes, "I cannot begin to explain what BMI did for me and how it changed my entire life. "Glenn would like to hear from other alumni. He hopes to attend Reunion 2002.

'75   Neil Treger writes, "I was a freshman at BMI during its last year in Bordentown, and thereafter went to The Hill School to finish high school (BMI Class of 1975).


            Walt Godwin '44 was in Connecticut last summer and while there he had a mini-reunion with George Bishop '42, Bob McNickle '44, and Dana Murphy '58.Walt sent a picture that we will use on our web site so you can see what a fine-looking group they made.Dana is sporting his BMI cap.Ed Polanski '43 was unable to join them due to upcoming surgery.Walt met with Barrett Lucas '51 earlier that day.Walt is still hard at work finding "lost" alumni.You may run but you can't hide from Walt. Sooner or later he will find you.Fortunately, the alumni are happy to have Walt bring them back into the fold.Many of them didn't know that the BMI Alumni Association existed. (Ed. Note:Thanks, Walt.Your help is much appreciated.) 


            Richard Enegren '50 wrote to say, "On May 4, 2001, the 3rd Annual Alumni Association Banquet for South Florida was held at the Mai Kai Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.Present were Bob (and Marion) Sandler '48, Boca Raton; Harry (and Nieves) Howe '50, West Palm Beach; Dick (and Elizabeth) Enegren '50, Hollywood Beach.It was an interesting meeting discussing the ole BMI days.After a fine dinner and show, we were all invited to see Bob Sandler's front plate on his car – BMI – 48…a real alumni booster. Stacy (and Heidi) Phelon '48 could not attend as they had just left for New Jersey to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. If you are in the area next spring and would like to attend a mini-reunion in South Florida, give us a call at 954-923-2368."



I played basketball on the BMI team, along with football great Floyd Little, Pat Broderick, Phil Sheridan, Tony Jiorle and many other great players.As we all know, while attending BMI we were not allowed to smoke.We also were not allowed to hitchhike.As for the smoking, Floyd Little, Pat Broderick and I used to sneak behind the Y-Hut after ball practice and have a few smokes.Others would join us; however, names escape me.Why we never got caught is beyond me.As for the hitchhiking, Pat Broderick and I lived near each other in Western New York State and during long breaks we would hitchhike home.Our parents were too busy to come get us and could not afford to fly us there.Think how many hours (of PT's) those two incidents would have been worth!Just a couple of quips to make you smile.


David R. Cline '62


       My memories of BMI are still warm and alive.I remember evenings at the Adams House during my senior year watching TV in the apartment of the teacher-wrestling coach, Donald Dunn,and his wife eating chocolate chip cookies she had baked.I remember finding part of an old flintlock rifle on the dirt floor of the basement of Adams House.I remember dances at girl prep schools where we had to wear white gloves.I remember living on oranges to make weight before wrestling matches and filling up on ice cream after matches at a place in town next to the movie theater.remember bursting with pride as I carried the American Flag in charge of the Color Guard during the Memorial Day parade.Harold Morrison Smith and Marvin Oliver Borst (I remember his signature 'MOB for the Dean') were important players in my teenage years.Those were great years at BMI, weren't they, guys, and didn't we look outstanding in those uniforms!The girls loved us!


Mike Rudolph '54


            I do remember those dreaded penalty tours with my M-1 rifle.I think I may have worn a path in front of the Main Building.I also remember having to keep my clothing hung properly and your underwear and socks in a special order and, believe it or not, I still do.(My wife of 37 years is still amazed at that.)But I refuse to polish my shoes and line them up under my bed (bunk).I remember the 'Pit' and the chubby guy that ran it, whatever his name was.I also remember that beautiful '55 Ford that the then headmaster had in the front yard and, now that I think about it, that beautiful (UGH!) 200-seat movie theater in town. You know the one…it only showed first-run, top-notch movies.It's the one that the "Townies" went to.On a serious note, I'm glad to say that I learned a lot and I was taught how to study and because of it, I was able to get myself through college with decent grades and subsequently went on to help run a family business in Worcester, MA.I relocated my family to Fort Lauderdale, FL, in 1975 and had two businesses over a period of 26 years.I am now working for a large attorney firm.I married a girl named Beverly in 1964 (the same one I was dating during my senior year).Some of you may remember her. She came to visit me once in Bordentown and I had her picture on my desk. We now have two great children…actually adults… but, alas, no grandchildren yet. I'm glad I was able to say hello to you (alumni) and look forward to sharing some old memories with some of you.


Steven E. Cohen ‘61




Glee Club Tapes           $ 5

Medallions       $ 20

Old Main Lithographs  $ 5

Baseball Caps  $ 10



We have a limited inventory of these items and, therefore, orders are on a first-come, first-served basis.To order, send check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) to: P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505.

Attention Please:Are you moving and discarding "stuff"?Do you have old Bordentown Military Institute yearbooks from relatives that you would like to contribute?The Bordentown Branch of the Burlington County Library Association asks that you consider contributing your unwanted yearbooks to them.Alumni visiting Bordentown usually stop in at the Library and ask for information on BMI.The Library has a collection of BMI yearbooks and old Skirmishers but would like to expand that collection.



Look for details in future issues of THE SKIRMISHER





Ed. Note:The editor thanks Jeanette Smith Cureton who made sure that no error in the preparation of this newsletter went unnoticed.



The officers and members of the Executive Board join with the entire membership of the BMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

in extending sincerest sympathy to the families of:

Dr. Dominick J Acerra ‘48

LTC John Blanche '69

James R. Doty, Jr. '43

Raymond F. Gates '44

Kenneth Hicks '40

H. Harrison Huster '31

Robert Katz '42

William L. Kaylor, Jr. '33

Robert E. Kesty '59

Col. Vincent R. Kramer '37

Charles H. Kuski '44

Emory Laslocky '42

Myron Levenson '57

Richard Stanley Piechota '63

Raymond W. Ratkowski '60

Clayton A. J. Stewart '39

Lacy L. Stewart '39

Jeffrey VanHook '70

Although several of the above alumni passed away many years ago, we have just learned of their passing and believe it appropriate to include them on this list.


The following alumni/friends are among the missing.If you know where they are, please drop us a line so that we can bring them back into the ranks.


Armellini, William '70

Martin, Richard '51

Baxter, James B. '56

Mehok, John '61

Beck, John Vann '62

Metro, Nick A. '64

Beckett, David '61

Metsch, Kevin '70

Belasco, Bert '71

Mirra, Bruce '70

Bond, Peter A. '62

Mortelaro, Rodney '66

Boodley, Joseph '70

Moss, Jon

Burrell, Donald S. '65

Muentever, Raymond '70

Calligan, Gene

Newman, Robert '62

Church, Roy '42

Pasch, David G. '71

Dallas, Robert '57

Pinto, Jay

Desiderio, Frank '46

Pisano, Edward '71

DiNola, Bart '59

Qualey, Christian '73

DiPirro, Paul '70

Reale, Thomas J. '61

Doebler, C. Michael '56

Roy, Bruce A. '66

Dorlon, Thomas '65

Schwarzkopf, Norman H. '52

Dulmage, Donald B. '48

Sensi, John '67

Dunbar, Richard '62

Sitt, Alan '64

Friedland, Eugene H. '72


Gassert, Ron '58

Smith, David B. '71

Gilardi, Russell '71

Soltesz, John '70

Griemsmann, Paul H. '63

Stiles, Thomas C. '71

Hagen, Craig '55

Stote, Robert E. '52

Hahn III, John '62

Thigpen, Wilfred '70

Hall, T.

Tomalonis, William J. '47

Hassen, Eugene '58

Tome, Maury '64

Helle, Tom '71

Towbin, Robert A. '53

Henry, William '72

Trapasso, Jaye B. '66

Herrman, Benjamin F. '66

Vahlsing, Fred '71

Hewett Jr., J. B.

Valdes, Richard '52

Holler, Mark D.

Waldheim, Ronald J. '63

Hurwit, James P. '63

Walker, Rex

Hurwit, Robert '63

Walters, Stan '67

James, John '67

Wardell Jr., Harvey '70

Kamer, Carl

Wareing, W. Theodore '62

King, Gordon '66

Whyno, Mike '66

Kulp, Kenneth '69

Wood, Gary A. '68

LaFerrara, Frank '70

York, Thomas '66

Lane, Harrison '61

Zito, Anthony '71

Malatesta Jr., Joe '63




Bordentown Military Institute
Alumni Association
PO Box 91
Bordentown, New Jersey  08505


Alumni Association 2002 Dues…………….. $10.00

Please Note:


          Your dues support the cost of postage, printing, and other materials needed for your SKIRMISHER, maintaining the Statue site, and financing biennial Reunions.

          Please complete the bottom section of this statement, enclose it together with your check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) and mail to the above address.

          If you have already paid dues for 2002, no further payment is necessary.

          We thank you for your continued support.







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