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APRIL 2008


President's Message


Bordentown's 325th Anniversary has come to a close. It was a great year full of projects and events for the entire year. The 325th parade was a huge success. BMI alumni showed their pride with an honor guard.


Our reunion is quickly approaching. The date is set for October 18, 2008 at the Bordentown Elk's Lodge #2085. Please make your reservations early. A list of events, etc. will be mailed out in the near future. David Kahn '59 e-mailed to say he and his roommates, Roger Marks and Newell Falkinburg, are looking forward to the reunion. David claims to be able to fit into his dress jacket and will wear it to the reunion. Come on, guys, there's still six months to trim down and get into your dress jacket. Anyone up to the challenge? If you know of any classmates that are not on our mailing list, please give us their addresses so we can include them when sending out reunion information. It is important that we keep the Alumni Association going, so please encourage your classmates to join. Dues for 2008 are $15. Checks should be made payable to BMI Alumni Association and mailed to P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505.


On a sad note, our board member, Susan Bradman, passed away in February. She will be greatly missed as I'm sure many of you have fond memories of her from your days at BMI. A contribution was sent to the Citadel in her memory.


If you have any questions or comments (good or bad!), please e-mail me at


Anchors Aweigh,


Joseph C. Platt


Joseph C. Platt, 74


BMI Alumni Association




'37 QUENTIN SANDLER wrote, "I am now 87 probably one of the oldest living cadets."


'40 SIDNEY DARRAH resides in Brunswick, GA. Sid is Past Region /National Field Vice President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.


'42 LUTHER CAMPBELL told us he was the salutatorian and President of the Class of 1942 at BMI. He graduated from the USMA in 1945. He wrote, "My memory of my two years at BMI are completely positive. Also, some good fellow has kept up with my address. Perhaps it has been WALT GODWIN '44 who has been more than vigilant in keeping up with errant graduates. He deserves special recognition for being such a cheerleader for BMI." Luther added, "I am in the middle of my eighty-third year and I am a proud BMI '42 member."


'43 HAL HOLLAND was found by WALT GODWIN. While at BMI, Hal was on the wrestling team and the rifle team. He also threw the javelin on the track team. Hal was 1-1/2 credits short of graduation when he was drafted into the Army. He lives in Fort Walton Beach, FL.


'45 A note from DICK STANEK informed us that our dues notice found him enjoying three months on Hutchinson Island, FL. He resides in Jensen Beach, FL, and would like to hear from his classmates from the Class of '45.

ARNOLD WOLFE sent an e-mail message stating, "I was unable to attend the last reunion; it was the same day as our 50th wedding anniversary celebration. But I am looking forward to the 2008 reunion with great anticipation. I celebrated my 80th birthday but hope to be able to march in the parade...just a bit slower than in 1945!" Arnold resides in Bayside, NY, and Delray Beach, FL.


'47 We received a letter from CHARLES ECCLES. He wrote, "You're really doing a great job! Keep it up. It brings back many fond memories of BMI, its terrific staff of teachers and coaches, and wonderful friendships of fellow cadets. My five years there were truly special in every aspect." Charles lives in Encinitas, CA.


'48 RICHARD WHELAN from Greenwich, CT, wrote, "Looking forward to Reunion 2008."


'51 ALBERTO MIZRAHI wrote to say that he had lunch with his brother, JOSE, and also CHARO NAVARRO and SAUL BENDAYAN (all former cadets). The conversation centered mostly around their days at BMI. Alberto said, "I became very nostalgic." He sends regards to all alumni.


'52 Along with his annual dues, FRANK GIOVE sent a picture of himself at age fourteen in his BMI uniform. (Cute, Frank!)


'54 ANTHONY CARABELLI was reelected to two 3-year terms as Mercer County Freeholder. (Congratulations, Tony!)

We received an e-mail from Starr (Bradman) Ginther who informed us that she received a sympathy note on the death of her mother, Mrs. Susan Bradman, from one of Starr's Presbyterian ministers who turned out to be none other than BILL DENT. Starr told him about the BMI Alumni Association. Bill was not aware that this organization existed until now. (Thanks for being our Ambassador, Starr.) We contacted Bill via e-mail. He told us that he and his wife moved to Richmond, VA, in 1970 when he was called to be Chaplain at a couple of state prisons for men. In 1995, they went to eastern West Virginia to serve a couple of very small rural churches near White Sulphur Springs and retired back to Richmond at the end of 2001. He added, "By the end of June, we expect to be living near Harrisonburg, VA."


'56 We were sorry to learn that HARRY GRIFFITHS lost his house in the fires in California. He is currently rebuilding.


'58 J. R. ARTHUR (SANTA JACK) keeps us informed of his goings and comings. Look for Santa Jack's narration of the best-selling Christmas Gift Book, "101 Questions about Santa Claus" 2-CD set now available ( This is a late-in-life venture but, wrote Jack, "As Dr. Smith's little sign used to say: 'Too soon old, too late smart!'" J.R. added, "Sharon and I found ourselves ensconced in the world of Santa and Mrs. Claus for the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, FL, Disadvantaged Children's Christmas Party for the 7th year. Serving in those roles is always a very rewarding, but kind of humbling, experience. We were also selected as Santa and Mrs. Claus for Pensacola's premier Christmas celebration Winter Fest which is a four-weekend-long festival of holiday lights, Christmas characters and trolley rides about town." Jack and Sharon are planning to attend Reunion 2008 in October. In fact, he, DANA MURPHY, and FRED RULLO are trying to locate other members of their class in order to plan a 50th reunion to rival those held in the past.


'59 BART DiNOLA is a realtor with DiDonato Realtors. He is also available for real estate appraisal. He can be reached at

ROGER MARKS wrote to inquire about LTC George Nelson who was on the Military Staff at BMI. We put Roger in contact with LTC Nelson. Roger wrote, "We had a long edifying conversation. It was so good to hear his voice after 48 years."

ROBERT WILMOT WILLIAMS sent an e-mail message: "I so enjoyed the 2000 and 2006 reunions and am hoping to attend my 50th reunion in 2008."


'60 Along with his dues, we received a letter from DICK KERN stating, "Thank you for keeping the Association going. I can remember some days at BMI that if I had been told at the time that I would be writing checks to a BMI Alumni Association forty-eight years later, I would have clobbered them....but! I stay in touch with KENNY WILLIAMS '61, JOE PLUMERI '62, and my old BMI football teammate, BILL BANNER. We all share experiences at BMI and also at William and Mary."

Upon receipt of the last newsletter, LARRY ROOT sent news from Wyoming. He wrote, "Busy summer here with all the fires, cleaning out irrigation ditches, and getting ready for a week-long Elk hunt in Idaho in September." He attached a picture of the Wind River Range Rockies as seen from his front door. Larry sends his best to all cadets.


'61 BOB FRISBIE recently moved to Goshen, VA, where he is busy remodeling his newly-purchased home.

NORM KIRSCHBAUM resides in Southeast Alaska which is in a rain forest. He wrote, "We get a few weeks of snow but mostly rain. We are across from British Columbia on the map."

DAVID SEIBOLD checked in from Wyomissing, PA. He stated, "After reading and enjoying a few back issues of The Skirmisher that long-time friend, AL ZARROLI, loaned me, I decided to update my mailing address so I may be advised of BMI news and happenings. I own a small publishing business, Exeter House Books, that publishes thirty-one titles of local interest books in the Mid-Atlantic states. Some of my titles are: Legends of Long Beach Island, Cape May Ghost Stories, Pocono Ghosts, Legends and Lore, Great Train Wrecks of Eastern Pennsylvania, Shipwrecks and Legends 'round Cape May. I spend summers in Barnegat Light, NJ, where Al Zarroli and his wife get together with my wife and me. We also get together over the winter for an excursion to Jupiter, FL."


'62 STEVE GOLDSTEIN would like to get a real turnout for his Class of 1962 at Reunion 2008.


'63 Along with a donation, MARK GOLBY sent a note: "Thank you for your important service and God Bless."

GENE REID wants to know if there are any BMI grads in South Carolina. He can be reached at

We received an e-mail from JIM TANTUM stating, "Greetings to those who were part of the BMI day students or who knew and tolerated our bizarre behavior near the Y-Hut each day. Does anyone from the Class of 1963 remember the party at Tantum's house? It was quite an event if I can remember...legend."

DUTCH WALDHEIM sends "Best wishes to all!"


'64 JOE FLAMINI wants to know, "Who's still alive out there? Just discovered the Web site. If I am still around, I'd like to attend the next reunion." Joe and his wife, Helen, live in White Hall, VA.

RICH GUIDETTI wrote, "I am really looking forward to Reunion 2008. Also, I hope that TOM BROWNBACK '65 organizes the 63-66 luncheon again. That was such a highlight of Reunion 2006. Keep up the good work. See you all in October."

We heard from JOHN LONGANECKER. He wrote, "Please keep me on this mailing list. It really helps in maintaining worthwhile perspectives. Also, the quote by Thackeray (Skirmisher, August 2007) on the old gym wall was refreshing for I vaguely recall the quote being there."


'65 LOU MANCUSO recently retired from the NJ State Department of Corrections. He and his wife, Jo Ann, divide their time between New Jersey and Arizona.


'66 JOHN MAGET found us on the Web. John lives in Julian, NC.


'67 JACK HARKINS, a new member on the BMI Board of Directors, wants everyone to know that during the parade marking the 325th anniversary of Bordentown, people frequently applauded the BMI alumni who marched and called out that they remembered BMI.

RICH STILES sent an e-mail after receipt of the last issue of The Skirmisher. He wrote, "I have not had any contact with my classmates for many years so I really enjoy hearing about them from the newsletters. It was especially good to hear about ART MADRAZZO and BILL BINDER. I am still living in Malvern, PA, and continue to work as an emergency physician at the local hospital. Retirement is on the horizon within the next 5-7 years. Wow! That makes me nervous. I would like to know how some of my fellow grads are dealing with that issue. If any of my classmates are going to be in eastern PA or NJ, I would love to see them and share memories. Keep the news coming."


'68 BRUCE BENDER came across the BMI Web site while doing research on his computer. Bruce said he stopped by BMI "during a homecoming event when I just got home from 'Nam in 1971. I was a chopper pilot with the 101st Airborne Division. I flew 1000 combat hours in that year." He added, "I have been a Physical Therapist for the past thirty-three years. Col. Posich recommended I take it up and the rest is, as they say, history. I am in private practice. I look rather scary...I lift a good deal of weight and work out so I'm somewhere between Shrek and the Hulk."

RUSS DERSCH is with Coldwell Banker so if you need his services, you can reach him on his cell phone: (856) 625-1026 or on the computer (

JIM ESPIN found us via the Internet. He remembers playing football with STAN WALTERS, PAUL BOUDREAU, and PAUL PASQUALONI. Jim states, "I am very much interested in attending the 2008 reunion. Please keep me updated."

Along with a contribution, JOE VRABLIK sent a note stating that all is well in Colorado. He is Executive Vice President of Cummins Rocky Mountain LLC.


'69 ALEX BUGDA wrote that he played football for the late JAY LUISI. Alex recalls his teammates were: BUD MOLLEMA, WALT SAPP, PAUL BOUDREAU, CHUCK BONITI, and ANDY MICHAELIAN. "We are thinking about attending the 2008 reunion," wrote Alex.

We learned that ROBERT FISCHER is stationed at Langley AFB, VA.

If anyone is contemplating a trip to Maine, you may want to swing by Lubec, ME, and visit with JACK GEARREN. Jack and his wife own COHILL'S INN (overnight accommodations and simple but appealing fare) in the most eastern town in the United States. It is located on 7 Water Street. Phone: (207) 733-4300. Open year round 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can find it on the Internet:

WALT GODWIN '44 is still tracking our alumni. He recently found MARK STEINBERGER. Mark resides in Ramsey, NJ. (Thanks, Walt.)


'70 PAUL DiPIRRO resides in Clarence, NY, according to an e-mail message we received.

BILL ARMELLINI wrote, "I have been in contact with GARY ROY and FRED VAHLSING but not in a while. I have always wanted to find PETER FROHWEIN but no luck."


'71 We received a letter from DAVE SHERMAN who reminded everyone to "Rather Be Than Seem."


'72 JOHN HORTON now lives in Kewaunee, WI, but in a few months he will be moving back to NJ. (Keep us posted, John.)



We received an e-mail from BILL BREEZE who wrote, "I was a BMI cadet for one year in 1942. I believe I was in the 4th grade. I later went to Admiral Farragut in St. Petersburg and became reacquainted with Major Strunk (USMC Ret.) who was at BMI about the same time I was.



Steve Libro, former faculty member and coach, sent dues and a note stating, "Keep up the good work; keep alive the spirit."





Alumni in Florida got together at the home of Bob and Marion Sandler for a mini-reunion on February 15, 2008. The following were present for the event: GEORGE ODELL '57 and Lorraine; BOB SANDLER '48 and Marion; BERNARD SANSARICQ '63 and Alejandra; NICK SOTTOS '56 and Ruth; ARNOLD WOLFE '45 and Joan. A good time was had by all!






The Executive Board will soon begin planning for Reunion 2008. Monthly meetings will be held in Bordentown and responsibilities will be assigned. If there are alumni in this area who would be interested in volunteering some time and talent to this project, please contact us at or send a letter to BMI Alumni Association, P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505. You do not have to sign on as a permanent member of the Board but we could use help with our biennial reunions.

The Board has lost two valued members with the deaths of Larry Capitini and Susan Bradman. We mourn their loss.

Lou Mancuso has resigned from the Board due to relocation and a desire to enjoy retirement without outside commitments. Lou served as Vice President of the Board but more importantly he was our top-notch organizer (no one could do it better). He is a tough act for anyone to follow.

Bob Frisbie moved to Virginia but we are pleased to announce he continues to serve as our Treasurer and keeper of the Alumni Directory and Website. He "attends" meetings via telecommunications and is well-versed in banking by computer.

Two new members have joined the Board as Committeemen: Bob Soowal '67 and Jack Harkins '67. They have already settled in and we are pleased to welcome them to our group.






For those who wish to make motel reservations early for Reunion 2008, following is a list of motels in the Bordentown area:


BEST WESTERN, 1068 Route 206 South 609-298-8000 or 1-800-742-5877

COMFORT INN, 1009 US Highway 206 North 609-298-9111 or 1-800-521-2121

DAYS INN, 1073 Route 206 North 609-298-6100 or 1-800-329-7466

HAMPTON INN, 2004 Route 206 South 609-298-4000 or 1-800-426-7866

RAMADA INN, 1083 Route 206 North 609-298-3200 or 1-800-272-6232





Maroon Sweatshirt w/embroidered BMI logo (Sizes Large and XX-Large only)

$20 for Sizes Large/ X-Large; $15 for Size XX-L

Baseball Caps w/BMI letters - $10 Old Main Lithograph - $5

BMI Decals (2) - $1 Medallion w/stand - $5 reduced from $10

Note Paper - $8 Cross Pen w/BMI - $20 reduced from $40

The above prices include postage. To order, send check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) to: BMI Alumni Association, P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Be sure to designate size when ordering sweatshirts.






The officers and members of the Executive Board join with the entire membership of the

BMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in extending sincerest sympathy to the families of:



Baumgaertel, George '46

Bradman, Susan B. G. (Faculty)

Carbone, Anthony '53

Collier, G. William '36

Dorman, Robert S. '49

Heteji, Paul S., Sr. '38

Leary, Frederic Warren '59

Levine, J. Paul '45

*MacDougall, William D. '48

Marcotte, Thomas J. '61

Peterson, Vincent C. J. '33

Rogers, Robert '49

Vahlsing, Conrad Sr.

Wyckoff, Edward S. '30


*We recently learned that Bill was killed in Italy in WWII and is buried in the U.S. Military cemetery in Florence, Italy.




Former BMI Librarian and long-time Board member, Susan Bradman, passed away recently. Mrs. Bradman will be remembered as the widow of LTC JOHN BRADMAN '38, BMI's Commandant of Cadets. She was the mother of the late JOHN F. BRADMAN '64. Surviving to mourn her passing are her daughters, Sparkle Leidemer, Twinkle Suozzo, and Starr Ginther (better known as the "Bradman girls").

There is much that could be said about Mrs. Bradman but there would be no end to the saying. She was an active member of many local organizations including the Bordentown Historical Society. But the members of the Bordentown Military Institute Alumni Association Executive Board will remember her best as an active member who gave of herself unstintingly to the task at hand. She joined the Board in 1988, at the time of the Association's rebirth, and remained active until her recent illness. She was invaluable to the work of the Association and her efforts in assisting with planning our biennial reunions were unmatched. Her opinions and input at our Board meetings were respected and always right on the mark. The members of the Executive Board mourn her loss. We will miss her.





In the past I have hesitated to "scold" our alumni but now I must bring a couple of things to your attention. Please do not send anything to our e-mail address that is not BMI jokes, no political items, etc. I am the only person who reads the BMI e-mail messages that come to We love hearing from you and we will place your news in The Skirmisher but we do not forward your messages to the 400+ members on our e-mail list.

Some alumni have winter and summer addresses. We maintain only one address per person so it is your choice. We will not keep track of who is living where and when. If you move or change your e-mail address, please let us know. We like to keep our records as current as possible. If we have an e-mail address for you but no home address, we will "lose" you if you change your e-mail address and do not tell us. You will also be listed in our data base as "no address available" if we have an e-mail address for you but no home address.

When sending in dues, letters, etc., it would be helpful if you could include your class year. That would save my having to look up each alumnus' year when I receive forty or fifty dues checks in one mailing.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.







Hope to see you there!


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