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Tersina DiPietro, Editor Spring 2013




I hope that this issue of THE SKIRMISHER finds you all in good health and enjoying the spring activities, whether at work or on vacation.


All of us who attended the concert given by the United States Military Academy band, the West Point Jazz Knights, on April 5 agreed it was an awesome evening. As a co-sponsor, the BMI Alumni Association was mentioned in all the press releases and honored with a presentation on stage that evening. Mayor JIM LYNCH 73 and his team did a great job of planning this concert that attracted over 900 attendees. The music students from Bordentown Regional High School met with the band members earlier in the day and received valuable coaching and encouragement from the West Point Knights. The students were the "opening act" for the concert that evening and their performance was excellent.


Your Alumni Association Executive Board has been busy finalizing plans for our BMI Reunion 2014. Take a moment right now to mark your calendar for October 17 and 18, 2014. And while you are at it, call an old friend and invite him to attend.


Until we meet again .keep those shoes and belt buckles shined.



Jack Harkins 67


Good, Better, Best Never, Never Rest

Until Your Good is Better

And Your Better Best





'39 H. AUSTIN MITSCHER wrote to update his address. He moved from Chatham, NJ, to Eastbourne, England.


'40 JONATHAN GLASBY (age 91) is now living in Lombard, IL. Your editor recently had a lengthy telephone conversation with Jonathan. His memory of his BMI days is extraordinary. He said he is enjoying life although he does have trouble walking. His wife is confined to a nursing home after suffering a stroke. Jonathan would like to hear from any former cadet who may remember him. His phone number is (630) 617-2573. He loves to reminisce about his early days in Bordentown.


'44 Along with his dues, DICK ROCKWELL enclosed a note stating that he was unable to attend Reunion 2012. He added, "Keep up the great work you all are doing; know it is appreciated."


'45 RICHARD STANEK wrote, "Lucky to spend the winters in Florida."


'46 FRANK DUMONT wrote stating that he and his wife suffered from the flu last winter that lasted three weeks. Frank wrote an introductory chapter to Current Psychotherapies-10th Edition (Corsini & Wedding, Eds.). It is available by doing a computer search of the title.


'47 BERNARD FEATHERMAN is a columnist for the Journal Tribune in Highland Beach, FL, and a former president of the Biddeford-Saco Chamber of Commerce. He is the Mayor of Highland Beach and the Secretary of the Villa Costa Condominium Association. Bernie has served as national president of the Association of Steel Distributors, and was reappointed to his second term on the U.S. Small Business Administration National Regulatory Advisory Board. BERNARD and his wife Sandra are sponsors of the Temple University biennial lecture on American Institutions and Public Policy.

RUSS LORD could not attend Reunion 2012 due to complications. He added, "Hope to make one more reunion before I get too old. I send good wishes to all. God willing, I will be 86 in May."


'48 JOHN SODERBERG wrote, "It is good that someone is carrying on the ghost of BMI."

Along with his dues plus donation payment, DICK WHELAN sent a note stating he hopes to "make the next alumni weekend. Regards to all!"


'49 PAUL EDMAN still remembers the public speaking course he took with Mr. Hurd whom he describes as "an Episcopalian aspiring to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury." Paul said Mr. Hurd

taught his class to look at a person in the back row and speak to him. Paul added, "It is too bad that more speakers do not do that."


'50 During this past winter, RAY APY and his wife, Kathy, traveled from their home in Florida to visit their son and family in upstate New York.


'52 We received an e-mail from HUMBERTO LARACH. He wrote, "I did not make it to the reunion last year but I promise that in October 2014, I will be there, if God permits."

MAC SEGAR wrote, "True...MIKE KUDLA was our class president in 1952, but as I recall he gathered more votes than we had members in our graduating class. He sure had one heck of a campaign manager...And people think Florida's vote tallying system is flawed!!"


'53 JACK ADAMS sent an e-mail stating, "Been a long time since 1953. Still lots of memories. Wish I could come in 2014 but will not travel that far anymore. I am still in good health or am as of now, but do not go anywhere. I still work three days a week and will as long as I can. Keeps me busy. Keep up the good work."

BOB STUART wrote, "Thanks for all your great work and The Skirmisher. I have not been in touch with MIKE KUDLA since BMI days. MIKE, BINK BISCONTINI, RUSS SETO, and I hung around together."


'55 Along with his dues and donation, BOB MARKEL and his wife, Kay, sent best wishes to all for a healthy and blessed 2013.


'56 JOHN BERISH wrote, "I am in the same boat as BURTON WACHTEL. I live in Ortley Beach, NJ, and lost everything due to Hurricane Sandy. The only thing that still exists is the building that was struck by another house that traveled four city blocks from the ocean and struck mine. My wife and I are residing at the home of my daughter and son-in-law in Pennsylvania. I was interviewed by a London reporter stationed in Washington, DC. The English people wanted to see and hear what really happened here during that storm. You can catch the interview on BBC Ortley Beach. It went worldwide to my surprise."

We recently learned that WILLIAM H. KELLY lost his son, Bill Jr., in the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The Bill Kelly Jr. Memorial Golf Classic is held each year in his memory, proceeds of which are used to fund a scholarship at the University of Scranton (young Bill's Alma Mater).


'57 DOM RUGGERIO said he hears from a few old folks. He added, "I hate to consider myself old but age has a way of telling me that I am at the 'maturing' stage of life."


'61 JOHN ATAMIAN sent an e-mail stating, "I have not had much opportunity to travel these last few years but have enjoyed reading the news about BMI grads and various events. I still stay in touch with several of the fellows that I met while attending BMI and we hash over some of those old times. Maybe one of these days I might get out of Arizona and make it back to New Jersey for one of the alumni gatherings. By the way, I wrote a book that was released by Amazon (Kindle and hard copy) titled Tales from the Irish Underground. It is an insider's memoir of life and times at the University of Notre Dame in the 1960s."

ED FINKLE is looking forward to Reunion 2014. (See his message on page 5.)


'63 JIM KELLY would like to hear from 1963 classmates. He can be reached via e-mail at jkelly@targettrans.com.

RICHARD VAUGHAN sent an e-mail. He recently learned of our Association and said he looks forward to attending future reunions.

Summer is here and if you are interested in swimming pool information, contact WOODY WOODSIDE at (908) 507-6338. He lives in Hackettstown, NJ, and has been in the swimming pool business for many years.


'64 We heard from RICH GUIDETTI who asked us to "keep up the great work."

JOHN ROSS and BOB STEWART are trying to get a "big Class of 1964 showing" for the next BMI reunion. John can be reached at rossj1946@live.com or telephone (207) 882-6414.


'65 We received an e-mail from WILLIAM GRAY who was a post-graduate in 1965, starting center on the State champion basketball team, high jump and javelin on track team. Bill lives in Sacramento, CA.


'66 JEFF NISSIM sent a message stating that he enjoyed seeing his classmates at Reunion 2012: TOM BROWNBACK, PHIL GAFFNEY, WES HAND, RON HOEHN, OLEH KOROPEY, TONY SIVO, STAN WINOWICZ. He added that he hopes others from his BMI era will attend when we meet again in 2014. (Ed. Note: Jeff is working diligently along with other key members of the BMI Board to ensure that Reunion 2014 will be an even bigger and better event.)


'67 SAM DOWNES wrote, "Major General Lincoln Jones was an inspiration for me when I was in the Army. I retired in 2008 as a Lt. Col. I miss LTC Posich and LTC Bradman as well."

MIKE EATON sent a check for dues and included a donation in memory of his father, J. HORACE EATON, JR. '42.


'68 We heard from GARY HOHMAN. After BMI, he went on to play football in the Big Ten. He wrote, "More importantly, I graduated from Minnesota and had a thirty-year advertising career at BBDO (a worldwide advertising agency)...all thanks to BMI." Gary lives in Bloomington, MN.

MARK MASTER is a CPA/Partner with EisnerAmper Private Business Services in Jenkintown, PA.

Along with his dues, JOE VRABLK included a sizeable contribution "in the interest of the 'old boys' association." (Many thanks, Joe.)


'71 In memory of CARLOS DE JESUS who died recently, DAVE SHERMAN sent a generous contribution to the BMI Alumni Association. Dave said, "He was my friend, classmate, and senior-year roommate."


'72 VIC ROSE sent an e-mail stating, "Although I did not graduate from BMI, I cherish the time I spent there. I had some great friends with whom I would like to reconnect (JOHN HANK GRAVENSTEIN, STANLEY BUJALKOWSKI, TOM MILLER, NEIL SPECTOR). I have a flooring business in Wilmington, NC. I can be reached at victor.rose@rocketmail.com."


'74 On a recent TV broadcast, CARMAN LICCIARDELLO (known on TBN as "Carman") recently announced that he is battling myeloma cancer. He added, "It is incurable." Carman has received fifteen gold and platinum albums and videos, and has sold more than ten million records. He holds attendance records for the largest solo Christian concerts in history with 80,000 outdoors in Charlotte, NC, and 50,000 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Carman was named Charisma magazine's Readers' Choice for the first "Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year" 1987-1989. Billboard magazine also recognized his influence in Christian music by naming him the first "Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year" in 1980.


FACULTY Steve Libro sent a dues check and contribution with a note, "Keep up the good work!"




Our class did a great job at the last reunion with the largest class representation. Outstanding!!!! It was great to see all of you again. We certainly had the cream of the crop this year. The pole vault duo of AL ZARROLI and HANK FARMER appeared together in public. Those were the guys who won the championship for PGH as the sun set on our great careers at BMI. Our top two super guys, DICK PEPPLER and OLEH KOROPEY, were there too. Mr. "mile and forever" BOB TALBOT did a quick mile just for fun. BOB FRISBIE and ED FINKLE even had new track uniforms for the event.


To those of you from all classes and those who get this message, we will again convene in Bordentown in October of 2014. I hope that we can get even more of our class to come to this event. We have lost a few but there are still many left who can join in the Spirit and Brotherhood of life at BMI. For most who attend, this is a renewal of our youth. To those who come with us, it is an introduction to a lifelong experience that is shared by an unusual "band of brothers." Please call your friends, roommates, teammates or anyone from BMI and tell them it is the time to come. Additionally, I think we should have a BMI cruise event. I can do all the arrangements for us. Drop me a line if you are interested and I will prepare a group event. My e-mail and snail mail addresses are available upon request to the BMI Alumni Association.






Maroon Sweatshirt w/embroidered BMI logo (Size XX-Large only) - $15

Maroon Polo Shirts w/BMI logo (sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL) - $30

Medallion w/stand - $5 (reduced from $10) BMI baseball caps - $10

Prices include postage. To order, send check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) to P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505.




If you have not paid dues for 2013, it is not too late. Please make check for $20 payable to BMI Alumni Association and mail to P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505. Please note: Dues and other contributions, although much appreciated, are not tax deductible. Thank you for your support.



Be sure to visit our Web site - bmicadets.org. BOB FRISBIE '61 continues to update that site with pictures, etc., so you might want to go in there frequently. Also, do not forget that BMI is on Facebook. BOB SOOWAL '67 maintains that site and welcomes your participation.


Please note: If you move or if you change your e-mail address, please be sure to let us know. We "lose" alumni because they forget to send changes as they occur. Also, please tell us your class year when you send dues and/or letters. You may reach us at bmicadets@gmail.com. Of course, letters are welcome also. Our address is BMI Alumni Association, P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505. We look forward to hearing from you.






The officers and members of the Executive Board join with the entire membership of the BMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in extending sincere sympathy to the families of:































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