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P.O. Box 91, Bordentown, New Jersey 08505

                                                                                                                                                                                                July 2001


At our reunion in October, a couple of alumni approached me with different versions of how our BMI Alumni Association was reborn.  Well, listen up.  This is the straight scoop.  Disregard any and all other versions as rumors, hearsay, or just plain confusion.

On April 1, 1985, I came across a Trenton newspaper article and photo with the headline “Happy Days – BMI Grads Relive the Past at Reunion.”The article was about seven BMI grads who got together every once in a while to remember and share memories of their great days at BMI. They were:Jerry Rossi ’44, Sid Benjamin ’44, Dick Rockwell ’44, Pete Horvath ’44, Charles Kuski ’44, Bill Pizzini ’43, and Stephen Sabo ’45.Two years later I would dub these guys “The Original 7.”I found Jerry Rossi in the phone book, called him and identified myself as a BMI grad, class of ’56.I asked Jerry to keep me in mind for any future reunions.

Then 2+ years later in early September 1987, I received a call from Jerry Rossi inviting me to join him and his six buddies for a BMI reunion luncheon. 

I suggested to him that other former cadets from the area might also like to attend.  To make a long story short, Jerry agreed to invite others.  In just four short weeks, on a weekday afternoon, our little group grew from Jerry’s gang of seven to a total of 97 former cadets as well as faculty members Marvin O. Borst and Al Verdel.  They came from as far as the mid-west.  What a wonderful gathering and a magnificent day!  At 5:30 p.m., we still couldn’t get them out of the bar. Everyone insisted on getting together again and soon!  The unanimous feeling was that we had to keep the spirit of BMI alive.  And so we did.  That, in fact, was the rebirth of the BMI Alumni Association.


Semper Fidelis,

                                                                                                Angelo V. Candelori

Angelo V. Candelori

                                                                                                BMI Class of 1956




P.S. In my first message to you as President, I made an appeal to all members for assistance in finding “lost” alumni.  Well, I’m pleased to tell you that several members responded with names and addresses of alumni they “found” or have been in contact with over the years.  I wish to thank them all for their cooperation and support of our Association.  However, there is one who deserves special recognition and that is Walt Godwin ’44 who spent countless hours looking up alumni. He forwarded many names and addresses of alumni he found on the web and through other sources.  We appreciate the willingness of alumni to help us in our endeavor to make the BMI Alumni Association known to former cadets who may not know that this Association exists.



            David Styer Jr. writes that he sees Bill Collier ’36, Bill Heisler ’39, and Bob Laslocky '39 from time to time. 


            Larry Capitini, his wife, Inez, their daughter and grandson devoted their time and talents recently to beautify the Statue Site with shrubbery, flowers, etc. The result has been magnificent and is a wonderful addition to what already was a source of pride to BMI alumni and the people of Bordentown City.(Thanks, Larry and family.)


            Lynn Cummings states, “For those who attended BMI in the ’50s and ’60s, perhaps I had something to do with your good fortune.  My photo with bugle graced those BMI ads for many years! I also had the honor of being the first third-generation BMI cadet, following my father and grandfather.”


            Bill Pizzini writes, “Angelo, some of the ‘Trenton Seven’ still live!” 

In response to our request to help us find new members, we heard from Ed Polanski who has contacted THE HARTFORD (CT) COURANT, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Retired Officers Association on our behalf.(Thanks, Ed.)


            John Hanawalt encourages us to seek out his web page:


            We received a note from Tony Ferrigno saying, “Thanks for all your good efforts.  ”Tony also sent us the address of one of his classmates, John Collister.

Roger Sands sent us his “business” card that reads  “Retired and enjoying it. ”Roger is tending to his “business” in Santa Barbara, CA.


            Richard Kessler would like to hear from classmates.  His e-mail address is:


            Harry “Bud” Howe writes, “Dick Enegren, Bob Sandler, and I hope to have a mini-reunion in Florida.  ”In later correspondence from Harry, we learned that Dick Enegren suffered a mild stroke and is currently recovering at home.  If fellow classmates would like to drop him a card or note, his home address is: P.O. Box 155, Wrentham, MA 02093.His phone at home is: 508-384-3733.


          Allen Reed Jr. says, “I attended the 2000 Reunion with my wife and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  It was a very nice event and our first return.”


            Bob Stuart hopes to hear from classmates. His e-mail address is:


            Donald Bierstock was “found” by Walt Godwin ’44.Donald writes: “BMI has a lot of memories for me…I am from Canada and spend my time between my summer home in Canada and winter home in Florida.  I sold my business to Carlisle Industries and absolutely love retirement.  I think the Alumni Association is a wonderful thing and am happy to join. I lived in Mitchell House and you have jogged my memory and I thank you.”

ASSEMBLY, a graduate bulletin published by the United States Military Academy, devoted its May/June 2001 issue to an interview with Nicholas S. Krawciw, USMA ’59.When asked about his early preparation for West Point, Nick said, “There was a small military school near Trenton, the Bordentown Military Institute, so one day in the fall of 1951, I got on the bus and rode there for a quarter…I asked to speak to Dr. Harold Morrison Smith, the Headmaster.   told him that I wanted to go to West Point and needed to get ready by going to his military school.  I told him…if he would let me in on credit, I promised I would repay him after I graduated from West Point…After graduation, most of my classmates were paying for their cars, but I was paying for my high school education…ONLY IN AMERICA!” 

(Ed Note: We thank Bob Kenyon ’43 for bringing this article to our attention.  We also thank Jeanette Smith Cureton (our volunteer editor) for surfing the web and sending us the URL to access this edition of ASSEMBLY.  You will find an inspiring account of the life and military career of Nick Krawciw by going into

“Keep up the good work,” writes Bill Lynch from Florida.  “It is always nice to come home to BMI.”

Bill Parker hopes that his class can get together for Reunion 2004, at which time they will celebrate their 50th Anniversary!

Mike Rudolph writes: “Sorry to have missed the reunion but will shoot real hard to make the next one…My best regards to you all.”



            Alan Haveson is affiliated with Little Treasures…Quality Doll Houses, Unique Miniatures, and more.  Located in Westfield, NJ, the telephone number is: 908-654-1315.

            Roger Spivack writes, “Wonder of wonders!  My brother Joe ’51 was recognized by HenryVara ’55 on the New York to Boston train…The very next weekend I was in Boston having dinner with Henry and his wife Ginny, followed by brunch the next morning with Joe and Dot. True to their Italian roots, Henry and Ginny provided the best in food and wines while we sat around the table and caught up…By phone we made contact with…Charlie Applebaum ’55.God willing, we will meet again at the next reunion.”


            Phil Rowley writes that he has not been able to attend any of the reunions due to time and distance but he has been back to visit Bordentown on several trips in the area and has seen the statue and what remains of the campus.  He knows of only two other alumni in Washington State.  He keeps in touch with Floyd Little who lives nearby.  Phil further states that he visited the site of the school in Massachusetts while on a cross-country driving vacation…he was not impressed with the facilities there.


            Dana Murphy asks if anyone knows where BMI purchased “shoulder cords” (Landon Rifles, Band).  He is interested in purchasing a couple of Landon Rifle cords.  You may contact Dana at 29 Killams Point, Branford, CT 06405, if you have information or if you are willing to sell ribbons, etc.

            Ken Paul “found” Alan Orenberg. Alan lives in Middleton, WI, and says he looks forward to “getting reconnected.”

            Tony Pingitore found our site “by accident.  ”He would like to make contact with former classmates.  His e-mail address is:

            From Herman Valerius we hear that he got together with J. R. Arthur and his wife.  Herman states, “It took 45 years for this reunion to happen.”


            “Very nice to hear from everyone,” says Harry Chebookjian. Harry resides in Red Bank, NJ.


            Jim Brendle writes, “Thank you for maintaining this connection.  The BMI experience certainly had a real impact upon my life.”

Steve Kupsov says, “It was indeed an historical high to read about memories that are and always will be imbedded in my mind about BMIBMI left a living legacy among us all about how we should live our lives…Rather Be Than Seem…It's not the winning that counts, it's how one plays the game…do you remember that one?  it was above the gym door… the values, ideals and experiences make BMI the best educational and life experience I ever had. BMI truly provided for me in one year the foundation that has lasted a lifetime.”


          Terry Haslett was in this area on personal business and decided to see if there was anything on the web about BMI.  “What a surprise when I found it!” says Terry. He plans to drive up to see the old campus.

            Ed Printz writes, “Never realized that an alumni group survived after all these days.  It’s great to hear the news!”


            Chuck Codling is Vice President for Information Services at Maidenform Worldwide, Inc.

            Kirk Lyons sent an e-mail stating, “The BMI Website is ‘breathtaking’! Thanks, Bob, for creating it.  Hello to all former cadets as well.”(Kirk, of course, refers to Bob Frisbie ’61.)

            Lawrence J. McCarter SMSgt, USAF (Ret) wrote, “Visiting the site (web) brings back some memories of the two years I spent as a BMI cadet in the early sixties.  Lawrence lives in Millis, MA.

            Bernard Sansaricq sent an e-mail stating, “Hope to see everyone at our Reunion 2002.”


            Norman Mazer is a realtor, appraiser, and builder with offices in Cherry Hill, NJ


            Chris Kalivas is Director, Western Region Operations of Pratt and Whitney, a United Technology Company in San Jose, CA.


            John Marston and his wife own Leslie's, The Tavern at Rockingham, VT, a fine dining restaurant off Interstate #91 at Exit #6, two miles from Bellows Falls, VT.  John says, “All BMI alumni are entitled to great discounts so be sure to mention that when you arrive.  And, oh yes, “Cadets must be accompanied by parent or suitable adult.”

            Tony Sivo sent a note.  He lives in Arlington, TX.  Tony says reunions should be held in the summertime because some alumni still have school-age children.


            Brian Davis lives in Bristol, VA.  His son is a graduate of Clemson University and is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army at Fort Hood, TX.

            Ken VanFleet enjoys life “at the beach” in San Diego, CA.


            John Kelly writes, “I live in Sea Girt, NJ, along the Jersey shore.  ”John and his wife have three sons…two attend the University of Miami and the youngest is a junior at Manasquan High School.

            From John we learned that Paul Boudreau was just named the offensive line coach for the Carolina Panthers in the National Football League.  Last season Paul coached the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins. John says, “We are behind you, Paul, and wish you the best!”


            Louis Viola is affiliated with UNO restaurants located at the Mall at IV in Paramus, West Belt Plaza in Wayne, and Harmon Meadow Plaza in Secaucus…all in NJ.(Ed. Note: Lou sent a copy of their menu .If you are near any of these locations, you are in for a treat!)


            John Gontowicz wrote to join our mailing list.  He says that his father, Miron Gontowicz who along with his wife, Anna (now deceased), managed the BMI dining room for many years, still lives in Bordentown.  John resides in Westampton, NJ.


            Ben Lowe writes that he was a member of BMI’s “phantom” Class of 1973.Ben graduated with a degree in politics from Washington and Lee University, served five years as an artillery officer in the Army (retired from the reserve as a major), served as a Foreign Service Officer for the United States Department of State in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Washington from 1982-1996.Since then he has managed a democracy project in Africa; taught history for a year in an inner city school; and is now in law school in Jacksonville, FL, where he resides. “BMI does indeed live on in our dreams and memories,” says Ben.


With the arrival of the first major snowstorm in 1966, word quickly spread that Mitchell House was going to attack White House and have a major snowball fight. Mitchell House was going to attack at nightfall, and I was definitely up for a little excitement.  Mitchell House contained 7-8 football players who were helping to fuel the fire for this fight.  When darkness came, most of us gathered in the foyer of Mitchell for a show of strength and to launch the attack. I was one of the first out the door, making snowballs as I worked my way to White House in the darkness.


Unbeknownst to me, there weren’t any cadets outside from White House.  Apparently Coach Jay Luisi (BMI Football Coach) got word of the attack. He had already visited White House and was hiding in the bushes waiting to foil our attack.  I could see movement in the hedges behind White House.  I immediately launched my first snowball, at the same time as Coach Luisi popped his head up. I could see the whites of his eyes as the snowball sailed towards his head! This is where the foot race started.  I ran in the Penn Relays that year for Bordentown and was not about to let this guy catch me! As I raced back to Mitchell House, I could see and hear Dom Michaels and Ernie Mascara on the rooftop of Mitchell House yelling for me to run faster and cheering me on.  I remember being amazed at how fast this little guy could run!!  I don’t ever remember touching a step as I bolted through the front door of Mitchell and then slammed my door shut behind me on the second floor. I had made it!!


By the next morning, I was feeling pretty safe and laughing to myself at the experience.  However, after the football players returned from practice, I realized this wasn’t over yet.  Luisi wanted a name!  Panic set in. The second day after football practice, the football players told me Luisi wasn’t giving up on this! I remember Cooney, Trapasso, Boyko, Swan, Laputka and Trembley all coming to me at different times to give me their take on Luisi’s mission. I felt relieved that none of these players were giving me up.However, it sunk in after the third football practice that I needed to do something.  I wasn’t feeling safe any longer. The next day, I unceremoniously went to LTC Bradman’s office and told him I think “we” should talk.  He never did crack a smile.  I don’t think I did either for the next two weeks, as I marched in front of “Old Main” every day after classes. I never knew if Coach Luisi got the name he wanted so badly.  We never discussed it. That was fine by me.  LTC John Bradman signed my yearbook that spring, “Best wishes to a fine cadet.”  I often wondered if he cracked the slightest smile when I left his office. 


Bob Ludvigsen

                                                                                                                                                Class of 1966 


          The June 14, 2001, edition of the COURIER POST carried an article by Thomas A. Bergbauer, retired copy editor, titled “Former BMI trained many for warfare.  ”Bergbauer gives a synopsis of BMI from its founding to the closing after merging with the Lenox School.  He pointed out that BMI prepared students for West Point and Annapolis and, thereby, “provided officers for every war the United States has fought, starting with the Spanish-American War.”

            Bergbauer consulted with our president, Angelo V. Candelori, and included the names of only some of BMI’s many well-known alumni: Philip Sousa, son of bandmaster John Philip Sousa; Floyd Little, former running back for the Denver Broncos; Lee Elia, a Phillies manager in the 1980s; Chris Short, 1960 Phillies pitcher; Stan Walters, Eagles All-Pro offensive tackle; Bobby Bell, a defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals.


            Tom Lavin, Administrator, was wearing his BMI sweatshirt recently at Orlando (FL) Airport.  A gentleman from New Jersey approached him and said he was a former Athletic Director at Buena High School and had hired Jay Luisi ’57 many years ago.


            Lynn Cummings ’40 writes, “The fall 2000 reunion (my first) was a wonderful experience. Met 1940 classmates Bob Tompa and Ken Hicks and later was in contact with Jon Glasby. Through Tom Eccles ’46, I am in contact with Bob Campbell ’41 who was my company mate at West Point in the USMA Class of ’45.Tom also knew my brother David (now deceased) who was at BMI with him. While inspecting the reunion memorabilia, I noticed a younger gentleman wearing the name card ‘HenryClarke Berry.’His dad had been an outstanding Cadet Lieutenant in 1940!”


            If you haven’t sent in your dues for 2001, there is still time. Enclosed is a Dues Statement.  Please return it along with your check or money order for $10.Thanks.







Sweatshirt                       $30

    Note Paper                  $8

BMI Patch            $20

Old Main Lithograph            $5

Medallion & Stand      $20

BMI Lapel Pin                   $5

Baseball Cap                $10

Glee Club Tape    $5



(Some of these items are available in limited quantities so it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.)

To order send check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) to: P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505.(We have been asked to stock BMI tee shirts. Before adding this item to our inventory, we are interested in your reaction.  If there is sufficient interest, we may offer these shirts for sale. Stay tuned.)




The officers and members of the Executive Board join with the entire membership of the 

BMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in extending sincerest sympathy to the families of:




(Mrs. Mc Hale worked in the BMI Tailor Shop for many years.)






The following alumni/friends are on our mailing list but we do not have current addresses for them.  Can you help us?


Armellini, William ’70

Baxter, James B.’56

Beck, John Vann ’62

Beckett, David ’61

Belasco, Bert ’71

Blanche, John ’69

Bond, Peter A. ’62

Boodley, Joseph ’70

Burrell, Donald S. ’65

Calligan, Gene ’?

Dallas, Robert ’57

Derr, Chet ’61

Desiderio, Frank ’46

DiNola, Bart ’59

Doebler, C. Michael ’56

Dorlon, Thomas ’65

Dulmage, Donald B. ’48

Dunbar, Richard ’62

Friedland, Eugene H. ’72

Gassert, Ron ’58

Gaum, Robert E. ’62

Gilardi, Russell ’71

Hagen, Craig ’55

Hahn III, John ’62

Hall, T. ’?

Hallock, Peter ’70

Hassen, Eugene ’58

Helle, Tom ’71

Henry, William ’72

Herrman, Benjamin F. ’66

Hewett Jr., J. B. ’?

Holler, Mark D. ’?

Hurwit, James P. ’63

Hurwit, Robert ’63

James, John ’67

Kamer, Carl ’?

Kaylor, William ’33

King, Gordon ’66

Koropey, Oleh ’61

Kulp, Kenneth ’69

Kuski, Charles H. ’44

LaFerrara, Frank ’70

Lane, Harrison ’61

Laurenti, Art ’70

Longo, Tom ’61

Malatesta Jr., Joe ’63

Martin, Richard ’51

McNamara, Steve ’63

Mehok, John ’61

Metro, Nick A. ’64

Metsch, Kevin ’70

Mirra, Bruce ’70

Mortelaro, Rodney ’66

Moss, Jon ’?

Muentever, Raymond ’70

Neubauer, William ’37

Newman, Robert ’62

Pasch, David G. ’71

Peterson, Spencer, ’65

Pinto, Jay ’?

Pisano, Edward ’71

Porter, Ken ’57

Qualey, Christian ’73

Reale, Thomas J. ’61

Rogers, Randall J. ’65

Roy, Bruce A. ’66

Rudolph, Joel P. ’60

Schachat, John ’70

Schwarzkopf, Norman ’?

Sensi, John ’67

Sitt, Alan ’64


Smith, David B. ’71

Stiles, Thomas C. ’71

Stote, Robert E. ’52

Sylvester, Jay ’68

Thigpen, Wilfred ’70

Tomalonis, William J. ’47

Tome, Maury ’64

Towbin, Robert A. ’53

Trapasso, Jaye B. ’66

Treihart, Greg ’69

Vahlsing, LTC S. G. ’71

Valdes, Richard ’52

Van Hook, Jeffrey ’70

Waldheim, Ronald J. ’63

Walker, Rex

Walters, Stan ’67

Wardell Jr., Harvey ’70

Wareing, Theodore ’62

Wells, Ernest ’71

Whyno, Mike ’?

Willis, Glenn I. ’71

Wood, Gary A. ’68

York, Thomas ’66

Zito, Anthony ’71



P. O. BOX 91



Alumni Association 2001 Dues…………….. $10.00

Please Note:


          Your dues support the cost of postage, printing, and other materials needed for your SKIRMISHER, for maintaining the Statue site, and to assist in financing future Reunions.

          Please complete the bottom section of this statement, enclose it together with your check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) and mail to the above address.

          We thank you for your continued support.



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