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Tersina DiPietro, Editor                                                                                                                                                                                                                           July 2008


President's Message


October is quickly approaching.  I  hope everyone has set aside October 18, 2008, to attend the biennial reunion.  Please make your reservations early so you don't get left out.  Call an old friend prior to the reunion and encourage him to attend.  Let's make “Brothers Reunited 2008" our largest reunion ever! “Rather be than seem.”  A list of events, hotels in the area, etc. will be mailed out in the near future.  The Alumni Day Agenda is enclosed with this issue.  The reunion committee has worked very hard to plan this event.  The committee's only request is that you all have a good time!


It is an honor that the BMI reunions draw so many cadets back to Bordentown.  This show of support keeps BMI alive.  The townspeople enjoy the memories that are sparked by the reunion's presence.  It is important that we keep the BMI Alumni Association going strong.  While attending the reunion, please walk around the town and take time to reminisce of a simpler time in your life.  Perhaps you'll find that special place that once gave you solitude.  Bordentown Military Institute was your home for some of the best years of your life.


I'd like to thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as your president these past two years.  I hope I served you well.  I'd like to thank Tersina for all her help and support, for all her e-mails and phone calls.  She is a great asset to the BMI Alumni Association.


If you have any questions or comments (good or bad!), please e-mail me at


Anchors Aweigh,



Joseph C. Platt


Joseph C. Platt, '74


BMI Alumni Association


'43    JOHN DOREMUS sent an e-mail stating that he attended BMI in 1942-43, after which he entered the Navy.  He served until 1946 in the Southwest Pacific on Destroyer Escort USS Day, DE 225.  John now resides in Tallahassee, FL.

            On May 28, 2008, H. ROBERT KENYON received a letter from Pierre-Francois Mourier, the Consulat General of France, stating in part, "I have the honour to send you my warmest congratulations on the occasion of your nomination as a "Chevalier" of the Legion of Honor, by a decree signed by the President of the French Republic.  I avail myself of this opportunity to reaffirm France's gratitude for your contribution in the liberation of our country."  Bob received this honor in recognition of his combat action in Normandy and for participating in the D-Day invasion.   (Ed. Note:  We extend sincere congratulations to you, Bob.)


'44    Through the kindness of his next-door neighbor who researched BMI for him, LARRY MORRISON was able to make contact with us.  Larry is in good health and resides in New Hampshire with his wife of 56 years, Inez.  They have three daughters and seven grandchildren.  He hopes to attend Reunion 2008 but in the meantime would like to hear from fellow classmates.  He can be reached through his neighbor, Paul Apholt, at

ARNOLD WOLFE enclosed a note along with his dues.  He wrote, "Looking forward to the October reunion and meeting some of the alumni once again."


'50    ED NARATIL sent an e-mail stating, "Afraid I'll be missing the reunion again this year.  It falls again on our scheduled trip to Maine to see our children and grandchildren.  So let me take this time to wish all the alumni and staff attending the reunion my best wishes for good health and perhaps Sally and I will be able to make the next one."

            We received a letter from HOWARD SHERMAN telling us of his latest medical emergency.  He wrote, "I went into congestive heart failure and if it were not for my wife, Sally, I would not be here.  I've had two valves replaced in my heart and I am well on the mend and will be going back to work.  See you in October."


'53     We received an e-mail from GREG BOVA stating, "I sure do miss the great times I had at BMI and really miss some of my fellow cadets.  I spent such wonderful times with guys like Anthony Vita, Howard Stoneback, Edgar Peppler, John Flurer, Jack Labausch, and of course the great teachers, Doc Hoehn, Al Verdel, Marvin Borst, Dean Smith, and I could go on and on during the 1951 to 1953 years and Jimmy Barrett and Art Berry from the Junior School.  Since retiring I have moved to S. Florida and presently work at the Diplomat.  I live down here all year and visit NJ in late August to mid-September.  Best to all.  Cadet First Sergeant Gregory J. Bova"


'54    JOHN TAUCH told us he will be unable to attend Reunion 2008 because one of his grandsons is to be married on that day.  He added, "Will see you in two years."


'57     While vacationing in Florida, BOB PEPPLER played golf with a good friend of BOB DALLAS, Bob's roommate in the Adams house.  Bob P. wrote, "I phoned Bob and enjoyed catching up with the past.  He plans to attend homecoming this year to celebrate our 50th."  Bob Dallas resides in East Earl, PA.


'58    TOM KNIGHT found us by accident.  He wrote, "I won't make my 50th reunion.  Sorry."  Tom is with ReMax Ocean Surf Realty in Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Central America.

            DANA MURPHY wrote, "Hope to see you on October 18th (my birthday!)."

'59     JIM QUIRK wrote, "Still don't know if I'll be able to make the reunion...depends upon my NFL games."


'62     We heard from JAMES BRENDLE who lives in Virginia Beach, VA, with his wife, Sally.  He wrote, "I retired in January 2008 after forty years of work in the field of human resources.  The journey began in 1967 with the City of Tucson and later Montgomery County, MD.  For thirty-six plus years, I was employed by the federal government.  The last twenty-two were spent as a civilian employee of the US Coast Guard.  Semper Paratus!"         

            TONY TONTI would like to see a big Class of 1962 turnout at Reunion 2008!


'65    DONALD BURELL found us on the Web.  He has already communicated with several of his BMI classmates.  Donald and his wife of 32 years live in Smithfield, VA.  He added, "We hope to be able to retire in a few years and spend more time with the family that includes two young grandchildren."

            TOMMY LEE sent an update..."I'll be inducted into Burlington City High School's Athletic Hall of Fame for basketball.  It would be nice if we (BMI) had one also."


'66    BRUCE ROY assures us that he will be at Reunion 2008 all the way from Sacramento, CA!


'68    We received an e-mail from ANDREW MICHAELIAN who wrote, "I attended BMI as a postgraduate in 1968 and played on two great football teams coached by Coach Luisi, Coach Libro and Coach Stroble."  Andrew lives in Mission Viejo, CA.

            JAY PINTO and SAM DOWNES '67 have been in touch with BRUCE BENDER who lives happily in Arizona (according to Jay).  Jay also asked us to include the following message:  "As we previously told The Skirmisher reading family and Corps out there, this Fall's assembly will be 'THE BIG 4-0' for the Class of 1968.  Will the Classes of 1968, 1969, 1970 who strongly intend to attend, please check in with their old 1st Sgt. J. J. Pinto at the following e-mail address:"    


'71    TONY SINKOSKY told about how he came to have in his possession a section of the top of the  brick columns that were part of the gate in front of Old Main.  He wrote, "If you have access to a picture of the main gate in front of Old Main, check out the flourishes at the ends of the tops of the brick columns.  If you were facing Old Main, this would have been at the far left on the top of the column closest to the street.  Many years ago, while returning from business, I swung by Bordentown and was greeted at the site of the former campus by the razed remains of what had been Old Main and her gates.  Sadly, I watched as a piece of tracked demolition equipment loaded huge mouthfuls of history into waiting dump trucks.  That is when the familiar curled shape caught my eye from amongst the sprawling pile of masonry.  I climbed over the pile to get a closer look and, to my delight, confirmed my suspicion.  I literally had to dig it out from amongst bricks, chunks of mortar, and stone.  I happily lugged it and its eighty or so pounds to my car.  To be able to rescue this piece of BMI history has given me great pleasure ever since.  Every cadet to pass through BMI walked by it on his way to class and probably sprinted past it after being granted leave.  I know I did."


'72     As reported in the last issue of THE SKIRMISHER, JOHN HORTON planned to move back to New Jersey.  He now resides in Woodstown, NJ.







The Bordentown Military Institute Alumni Association Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded this year to Kara Lynch, a graduating senior at Bordentown Regional High School.  Harry Putnam, a member of our Executive Board, presented the scholarship and a BMI medallion to Ms. Lynch. 



                                                                        Maroon Sweatshirt w/embroidered BMI logo (Sizes Large, X-Large, XX-Large)

                                                                        $20 for Sizes Large/ X-Large; $15 for Size XX-L

                                                                        Baseball Caps w/BMI letters - $10                                 Old Main Lithograph - $5

                                                                        BMI Decals (2) - $1                                                      Medallion w/stand - $5 reduced from $10

                                                                        Note Paper - $8                                                            Cross Pen w/BMI - $20 reduced from $40


The above prices include postage.  To order, send check or money order (payable to BMI Alumni Association) to:  BMI Alumni Association, P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505.  Be sure to designate size when ordering sweatshirts. 



The daughters of the late LTC John and Susan Bradman have donated a few BMI yearbooks to our Association.  They are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Alumni will be given priority.  In fairness to everyone, please request only one yearbook per person.  The years available are:  1938, 1939, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971.  You may e-mail us at or write to us at BMI Alumni Association, P. O. Box 91, Bordentown, NJ 08505 to request a yearbook.





The officers and members of the Executive Board join with the entire membership of the BMI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in extending sincerest sympathy to the families of:


Frankenfield, Edward H.

Lee, Rotan E. '67

Lehr, Larry '61

McGuire, William J. '42

Parker, Walter E. '49

Rowe, Donald M. '37


(In a previous issue of The Skirmisher, we reported that William D. MacDougall was killed in Italy in WWII.  This was reported to us by his cousin.  The BMI Alumni Directory of 1968 lists William MacDougall as having attended BMI from 1940 to 1948, making it impossible for him to have served in WWII.  Apparently our 1968 Directory contains some errors.  Thanks to JOHN HANAWALT '44 who caught this error, we are able to correct this Directory mistake.)


Please note:  Reunion packets with registration form, etc., will be sent out in the near future.  Following is the Agenda to help you in planning for Alumni Day activities.



Alumni Association


Alumni Day Agenda

October 18, 2008


Parade – Starts at St. Mary’s Church

3:00 PM



Ceremony at the BMI Memorial

3:20 PM



Elks -Bar is Open


Sign in at the Elks

4:00 PM


4:30 PM



Call to Order

5:45 PM




Rev. Harry Putnam, Faculty



Moment of Silence

Rev. Harry Putnam, Faculty



Post the Colors

BMI Color Guard




Joseph C. Platt '74




6:00 PM




Joseph C. Platt '74




Joseph C. Platt '74



Treasurer's Report

Robert Frisbie '61



Officers & Directors Nominations: 2008-2010

Joseph Porter '66



Old Boys March

Joseph C. Platt '74



Alma Mater

B.M.I. Alumni Association



Retire the Colors

B.M.I. Color Guard




Rev. Harry Putnam, Faculty


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