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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                                                                                                                                                                                                               November 1999

To all who answered our call for dues, we thank you in the strongest possible way. You are our life's blood -- $10 per year.

Webster tells us that a "family" is a group of people united by certain convictions, a common cause, or by common characteristics. To each of us that attended BMI…for no matter how long…we became part of a "family." It was not possible to escape the magnificence of what was offered to us in so many ways every day, both by example and by instruction. If it is not worth $10 a year to keep that alive, we don't know what is. AMEN. OVER AND OUT!

In just less than one year, October 21, 2000, we will again reune. Everything is in the works…from the Parade to the Dinner. The only complaint from the last reunion was that we did not count enough cadence. Be prepared, troops, you will this time!

Our website will be ready by the time the next Skirmisher reaches you, thanks to a great deal of work by Bob Frisbie '61. We found an old color photo of Howard Husker, Paul Hartpence, Marv Borst and "Seņor" Colby standing together that will be included. Brings a tear, doesn't it? They don't make many like that anymore, do they?

Recently, I found some old notes from a history class with Mr. Fullington and he had been discussing, atop his desk with his thumbs in his braces, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson said, "How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of and which no other people on earth enjoy." BMI was one of those blessings.

To each of you and to your families, we wish a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

God Bless Us, Every one!

                                                                                                                            Most cordially,


Howard Sherman ‘50

P.S. The "General" is online at All are welcome.


Bob Kenyon, in a letter to his classmate, Bob Tompa '40, said that he went straight into the Army after BMI; was sent to England and was one of the lead assault groups on Utah Beach on D-Day. He spent 308 days in continuous combat, longer than any other unit in the ETO, before being wounded and evacuated to England. He still works out every day, weighs the same as he did at BMI, and skis on two artificial knees.


Eugene Guazzo, MD, is still in practice in Maryland and vows never to retire. He was recently the keynote speaker at the National Youth Leadership Forum in DC, addressing young people interested in medicine.


Alan Reed attended the USNA after BMI, and spent 21 years of active and reserve duty flying jets. He retired in 1993 and lives in the Hartford, CT, area.


Herman Kuck writes that he always appreciated the education he received at BMI. His favorite hobby is backpacking. He said he learned the walking from all the Penalty Tours that

Col. Benz awarded him. His motto is "Do not follow where the path may lead…Go instead where there is no trail and leave a path."


J. Robert Hendricks' daughter wrote that she was visiting Bordentown and learned of the Association. She said, "The affection for the school can still be detected as he (her father) reminisces while going through his yearbooks or old photos." After graduation from BMI, Bob returned to the family business, Hendricks' Flowers, Inc. He is currently the owner of cut flower greenhouses and grows the most carnation plants east of the Mississippi.


Rob Chisholm is Director of Chester County Services for the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania, a 25-year career.

Sheldon Klein was on his way to visit his son in Philadelphia, exited the Turnpike and drove to the "old BMI campus." He writes, "It was inspiring to see the statue of the BMI cadet standing at the site of 'Old Main'."

George Sinkankas recently retired from the faculty of the School of Informational Sciences at the University of Tennessee after 24 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Library and Informational Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 1974.


Andrew O. Ohlson states, "I still firmly believe in the tenets of the style of education BMI employed."


George Fox Lang found us on the Internet and would like to hear from classmates at

George says Morris Smith was like a father to him during his years at BMI. George was sorry to learn of the demise of so many of his former teachers.


Michael A. Eaton writes that he has been unable to attend the last couple of reunions but he fully intends to "stand muster for Reunion 2000."


John F. Kelly wrote to say that Paul Boudreau (BMI '68, '69) is the offensive line coach of the Miami Dolphins. John writes, "(he is) a great person who loves BMI and has so many fond memories."


Robert Clark writes "I was only able to attend BMI for 1 year…it is clear to me now that my single year at BMI and all I experienced have stayed with me over the years."


It is always sad to lose a member of our BMI "family." On behalf of the membership of the BMI Alumni Association, the Board of Directors extends sincerest sympathy to the families, former classmates, and friends of the following members who have died:

1937 Edward Kotz

1946 Ambrose "Amby" Summers

1949 William Applegate

David Reeder

1964 Ira Steinberg & Faculty

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