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We on executive committee often refer to the odd numbered years as “Off Years” because we usually have less to do than on the even numbered years which we call “Reunion Years”. It appears that 2023 is going to be anything but an “Off” year. I am pleased to announce that at the February meeting your Executive Board unanimously appointed two new members.

One is Catherine Leidemer, the daughter of Sparkle Bradman and Granddaughter of Col. John Bradman who was Commandant of Cadets during the final years at BMI. Those of you who have been attending reunions will know Catherine as one of the ladies who helped you with registration.

The other is Ron Hoehn. Ron is a 1966 graduate of BMI and is the son of Robert “Doc” Hoehn who was the legendary Athletic Director and coached the football, basketball, and track teams at BMI from 1938 to 1960. “Doc” Hoehn is recognized as playing a key role of the development of the athletic program, especially football at BMI.

And perhaps the most significant project that your Alumni Association has undertaken is now complete. Our legacy paver project is a stunning success! We will place just short of 200 pavers at the foot of the cadet statue. These folks are permanently immortalized by name and year of graduation. This project did take several years from conception to completion. Although the entire Executive Board participated in this project the heavy lifting was done by Jeff Nissim ’66 and JC Platt ’74.

Do go into our website ( Click on “Subject Page” and browse to your heart's content. The Executive Board of your Alumni Association wishes you a happy, healthy, and productive year spring and summer.


President  Jack Harkins ‘67


Rather Be Than Seem



Welcome to the Bordentown Military Institute Alumni Association site.  If you are a former cadet, please Contact Us either by e-mail or postal mail.  We would like to add you to our directory.  Please explore our site and see the activities of our Association.


Founded in 1881, the Bordentown Military Institute operated as an independent military school in Bordentown, New Jersey, for 91 years.  In 1972, it merged with the Lenox School in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Bordentown/Lenox was in existence for only one year, however, closing its doors completely in June 1973.


In the late 1980s, the inactive BMI Alumni Association re-formed and began scheduling biennial reunions.  Since then, the Association has grown in numbers and scope, thanks to a dedicated alumni board and extremely valuable volunteers.  Word-of-mouth connections and the Internet have also contributed to its resurgence, as have numerous people who have stumbled on the Web site and have been “found.”  Although the formal entity that was once BMI has gone, its spirit is very much alive.